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Once you have a website it needs to be maintained, alterations need to be undertaken, advancements in technology need to be implemented and updates in software applied.

Why get website maintenance from JAWilsonDesign?

By having a website maintenance package you will have an experienced designer ready to undertake work for you so you can have peace of mind each month that when things need to change on your site you can get it done by a professional. Also, by choosing a maintenance package you will save upon the cost of JAWilsonDesign’s hourly rate by 20%.

Will my website really need maintaining?

Unfortunately, yes. Every website needs updating regularly and changes made (where they are possible). If a particular change will take longer than the website maintenance level you have signed up for allows then you will pay a discounted rate on the hourly package for anything that goes over your usual hours.

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Do I need a web maintenance package?

Using our affordable website maintenance package ensures that every month JAWilsonDesign will work on your website and either make changes, make updates and do a health check on your website to ensure it is running efficiently.

If you want the peace of mind to have a designer's attention every month should you need changes or fixes to your site then contact JAWilsonDesign to discuss your requirements today .


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