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Being social online as a business can, for a lot of people, feel a little bit scary but with the right team behind you we can ensure that your social media platforms speak to the right audiences and engages them.

Social Media Followers

If you don’t have any social media followers then you may as well be standing on a desert island screaming out into the ocean with Wilson the trusty football for company! Likewise, if your followers are people that don’t have an interest in your product or service then you really are wasting your time. This is why it is so important to build a relevant following and there ways in which JAWilsonDesign can target your key audiences and ensure that they are seeing your social media posts.

Building the following though, in the correct way does take some time, The main social media platforms now know of ways that accounts used to follow in order to get follows back in what is known as a spammy way and so attempt to stop this by implementing specific rules.

Understanding how to interact

Unlike in real life, where it is often seen as bad practice for a business to talk its customers as it will appear as though it is for sales purposes, online it seems as though it is a different landscape. It is important to regularly post things but also to speak to your customers, even possibly share their posts if it is relevant! This gives your business huge credibility with you and the person you are interacting with and removes the walls that were once up between consumer and business and one reason you must be on social media

Social media needn't be scary, It's the gateway to talking to your customers and potential leads every day.

Let us help make you stand up and get noticed on the main social media channels.

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Which social channels should I use?

We will study your business and then come up with a plan of which social media channels we feel would best suit your business and begin building your social awareness as quickly as we can so you can get your messages to people as far as possible around the globe or to specific areas if you prefer

<h3>Social media helps build your websites traffic</h3>
Nowadays organic traffic is quite hard to compete for simply by searching for it through Google and why social media should be vital to your marketing plan. Using social media will increase your website’s visitors and in turn, it should also improve your sales.

If you feel that it is time your business became more social speak to us today and we can discuss how we can make your business build its online presence through social media


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