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Having a great website, with a good UI, great iconography, strong brand and illustrations is the first step in getting your business online thriving but SEO is the treasure map in helping your customers find your beautiful business easily.

SEO Specailists

JAWilsonDesign has worked with several SEO experts for over five years and has carefully selected some SEO wizards to help JAWilsonDesign to make your website appear high up on search engines.

Our SEO specialists understand the needs of search engines and enhance your websites by targeting what is known as ‘keywords’

What is a keyword?

Keywords, long tail keywords and keyphrases are all terms that we put into search engines to find websites and web pages that we want to converse with. For example, if you are looking for a ‘new roof in Manchester’ then typing that into Google is a key phrase that may be used to help boost your organic search.

There are several ways to do this but one of the most important is content creation, content creation helps search engine find your website for different keywords and phrases and enhances a number of people who will visit your site and why blogging is so important to your SEO plan.

Having a great website design is the first stage ...

... getting it found by search engines is the next, we have specialists that can help you improve your search rankings.

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If you need help with SEO we have experts in the field to help you build your organic search but be prepared, it is not a quick solution and it should take around a year before you start seeing results.


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