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Did you know that 60% of all website users now access websites mostly via their mobile phone, that's every three potential leads out of five that will attempt to access your site first via their phone and if your site isn't responsive it is likely they will leave INSTANTLY reducing your potential sales by more than half!

What The Heck is Responsive Design?

Don’t worry if you don’t know what responsive design means, you probably have heard it thrown around by a lot of web designers and possibly fellow business colleagues. Responsive design means that your website ‘responds’ to the device that your viewing audience is using to look at your site. This is done with something called media queries and helps keep everything nicely displaying and easy to read regardless of the shape of the device’s screen size.

What Content To Show?

Not only is it important that the layout doesn’t break depending upon screen size but it is also important to consider what is important to show on different devices and maybe it would be better if the layout was slightly different for a different device considering how we use Desktop PCs a lot differently than we would our smartphone.

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Does your website respond well on all devices? If not, then you're in urgent need of some responsive design

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Can You Make My Current Website Responsive?

Yes, it can completely. If you like your current brand design but want it to view well on mobiles we can take your old site and all its content and make it into a website that will be modern, responsive and beneficial to your business. If your website isn’t responsive then you really are going to be left behind. Don’t waste any more time, talk to us today and let’s get your site working on all devices!

JAWilsonDesign has designed, coded and developed many responsive websites over the years and can also integrate his UI (user interface design) service to ensure that you can see several versions of an interactive mockup of your site before you decide on the complete design if you so choose.


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