The EUDCA, or the European Data Centre Assocation is an association that brings together the data centre experts together to discuss the latest news, technologies, laws and concerns facing the industry. Their website had been developed by a dutch web development company but the ceo and board members felt it lacked a modern feel and with the group being happy with the exhibition stand John had designed asked for a website mockup to be produced. Below you can see the original design.

The old EUDCA website

New EUDCA UI Homepage Mockup Design

I was asked by one of th chairmen of the EUDCA to come up with a new UI design for their website and below is the result. I wanted to convey a modern yet professional look to represent their new richer brand colours and make it easy to navigate to specific pages depending upon what it is you had come to the site for. Placing the Join nav in the centre of the nav was intentional to give more emphasis on the importance of this option as this is the fundamental thing the owners of the association want people to do.

Next, directly below the menu would be a nav that could change to show the latest and importance news from the industry. It was concluded that the EUDCA would have a forum for members and a part of being a part of this forum would be who else is registered and who you can meet thus the three options where placed here with simple and clear interface, using the green dot of the european data centre association logo.

EUDCA Homepage Mockup

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