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The EDCG was created by MigSolv CEO Alex Rabbetts as a solution to a data centre problem he had encountered with some clients that don’t want to use smaller data centre providers and also the problem of using larger corporations. The EDCG was created by 5 data centre businesses to help make it easier to have disaster recovery should something go wrong and to speed up the process of installation. Below is the design for internal pages of the site.

EDCG About Page

About EDCG

The design was inspired by Tron Legacy, keeping a dark look and feel with streaks of electric blue and vibrant colours. Tron legacy has made the datacentre and computer industry a little more cool and so this close relation to the movie and the brand would help change what was once a boring industry into a business that looks forward thinking and able to take modern thinking into business solutions.

EDCG How it Works Page

EDCG Logo and Icons

The idea of the logo was to represent the 5 data centre businesses that decided to set up the association using their brand colours and a line to represent each. In the center of the logo was a white square representing the data of customers. Using the logo, this would become the inspiration for all iconography throughout the site.

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