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Project Description

Original Migration Solutions Logo Dilemma

For over a decade the logo of Migration Solutions had been established and become a very successful data centre consultancy working for many high-level corporations and had recently decided to begin a journey into running their own data centre which they branded Sentry42. After careful consideration, it was under the belief of both the CEO and investor that they should attempt to rebrand the two sectors of the company under one identity rather than two ( the reason being many clients got confused the two were even related). As already stated, the investor didn’t want to touch the migration solutions logo and this made the rebrand a bit more of a challenge but, unphased, John tried to tweak the logo to appear more modern, forward-thinking and more in keeping with the business’ industry topic, technology.

MigSolv Logo Concept

Having considered the concerns of the investor after careful deliberation it was decided that the loop of Migration Solutions original logo would remain and instead, a change of font, colour and name would help the brand move forward.

The first stage of the rebrand began by sitting with the marketing director, CEO and PR consultant on the best name for the new business. One of the concerns raised by the team was that the URL of migrationsolutions.com was very easy to misspell and so a smaller business name was desirable. Having considered that the servers of the business are named MigSol it sparked the idea of making an abbreviation of the business name, thus ‘MigSolv’ was born.

Now I had a name, the real stage of design could begin…In John’s mind MigSolv’s new logo had to be modern and youthful and that meant that it was time to ditch the burgundy for a more vibrant red. Using a gradient of vibrant red and burgundy gave the appearance of a satin metallic finish and with the other section of the loop a metallic grey to represent the technology sector that the business works within. As the CEO and investor were hesitant to complete remove the Migration Solutions reference from the logo, it was decided that the word Migration Solutions would sit below the MigSolv until further recognition of the new brand was established.

MigSolv ‘O’

As part of the rebranding process, we decided that the o would be an element of the logo that could be altered and rebranded to represent/ or express an idea, event or occasion such as Halloween, remembrance day, thanks and of course Christmas ( of which can be seen below).

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