MigSolv Magazine Advert 2014
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MigSolv Advert 2014/15
Project Description

The complementary colour

The green of MigSolv was introduced to give the brand of the company more depth and character as before the grey and red seemed to make the company appear a little too like ‘men in grey suits’ which is something the CEO wanted to avoid in his new brand. This and the minimalist designs of Apple where the main two points to keep in mind when designing the advert for their data centre.

Advert for MigSolv red and green design

With magazine adverts, it is often the case that readers briefly glance over adverts unless compelled, for some reason to engage more, for this reason, we kept content to an absolute minimum stating just the brand, the product and the accreditations. This simple approach helps to communicate instantly the product MigSolv sells whilst giving a technological approach to design.

Advert for GVA brochure

After several months it became apparent a 2-page advert was required. This time the CEO decided that including a bulleted list of the data centre’s capability would add to an otherwise empty page. Although this moved away from the minimalist concept initially discussed by the director it still clearly communicates the product/service on offer.

MigSolv advert 14/15 period

Continuing with the idea of bullet points and text new changes were added towards the end of 2014. On A4 magazine adverts the bullet points added would be included as well as some pictures of inside the data centre as well as more of a breakdown of various services, not just the data centre. This was a move that the CEO felt was important to help customers clearly understand what we do.

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