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Project Description

was employed by this IT Agency to develop them a website. In this design we wanted to convey a sense of creativity and modern design and thus used a combination of the latest technologies such as bootstrap 3 but also the vibrant pink of the business. Also, with the name rubix the site was initially made up of ‘9’ services with each service having its own unique colour. This was then carried through the website where on the service page, there was 9 squares to choose from similar to that of a rubix cube. Further on into the life of this website they developed software products for the law industry where the right hand side of the homepage presents these with an ever changing gradient background of pink and then the software’s colour thus hinting at a modern forward thinking company that isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowded and somewhat dull industry of law.

Each page within the website was also tailored to specific requirements but all consisting of a contact form at the bottom of each page to make it easy to make an enquiry. As this company changed their website in early 2018, and being proud of this particular site, I decided to borrow elements of the design to JAWilsonDesign only changing the pink to gold thus allowing you to see the concept of the design still to this day.

Project Details
Clientrubix Technology
DateMay 2016


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