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Ibarra Moon Logo
Project Description

Ibarra and Moon are the two surnames of the entrepreneurs who decided to set up a contractors business that specialises in roofing and would form the basis of creating concepts. Having researched the meaning behind their two surnames (Ibarra meaning a meadow and moon, of course being the big round thing in the night’s sky ) and considering their location in the world it was important to represent these elements in their design.

Ibarra Moon Logo Selection

After the first designs had been sent to the client they gave feedback on what logos they liked and didn’t like. This gave a better focus on which logos to focus upon. The first designs were in black and white in order to not be influenced by favourite / least favourite colours and instead focus upon the concepts.

Adding colour to the concepts

With the second iterations of the logos designed we began to add colour ( the colours suggested by the client ) so they could see how the logo could progress and make clearer decisions about what logo may work best. In fact, the client was quite creative herself and decided that she would possibly like to use three of the logos created.

Project Details
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