EUDCA Exhibition Stand
graphic design, exhibition stand, photoshop, indesign, illustrator

EUDCA Original Design

The original design of the EUDCA had used a light blue that didn’t really reflect the logo or brand of the EUDCA. An organisation that brings together all the experts of the data centre industry didn’t really feel to represent the importance or status of being a part of the EUDCA really wants to portray. Due to this I started the redesign by deciding to reconsider the main colour scheme of the EUDCA

The EUDCA Stand Artwork

As can be seen in the image above I have decided to use a more royal blue that has a hint of purple to it giving the brand a sense of importance, intellect and quality. Looking at the original design and the logo of the EUDCA I decided that the ‘pixelated’ like the logo was a great representation of data centres located throughout the continent and wanted to use this more so I enlarged it and used it as an overlay to this new royal colour. Still not quite complete data is transferred via light and I wanted to convey a sense of interest and add depth to the stand giving an illusion of a two-layered stand.

Client: EUDCA
Date: 2015


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