EDCG Logo Concept
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Project Description

Inspiration for the EDCG logo

To begin, I had to consider how to make the EDCG brand look innovative, modern and something that people would likely want to be a part of but the data centre industry had built up a reputation for being a bit of drab affair of men in grey suits and not young, hip or at all rebellious but the movie industry had begun to change this. At the time of designing the logo a few years, previous Tron Legacy had been released which helped in changing the perspective of the industry from outsiders. Riding light cycles, neon colours and a feeling of something larger than ourselves came from this film. This film would form the basis of progressing with the EDCG logo design.

The initial drawing stages of the EDCG logo

To begin sketching ideas I came up with the concept of the need to represent a strength or unity of 5 data centres coming together to create one business association. I looked into geometry and also into computer chip-boards due to their sometimes artistic appearance. Below are some of the sketches I started my designing with. As can be seen, the long strip shows the influence of the computer chipboard and the geometric shapes show a strength of unity and an illusion of the joining together of the sides never ending.

Project Details
ClientEDCG/ MigSolv


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