Diamond Lifestyles Forever Living Liverpool Christine
Diamond Lifestyles Logo And Business Card
Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Branding, Graphics

Concept of the Diamond Lifestyles logo

Diamond Lifestyles is a business that is helping people run their own businesses in which if you achieve a high level of sales in your efforts you get ‘diamond status’ where you get offered holidays and extra bonuses thus the diamond lifestyle is born. Considering this it is the ultimate goal of joining the company and almost like putting this goal on a pedestal. Combining the D and the L of the two words gives a flow and elegance to the business name. Above the slender L is a small diamond, as though it is on its pedestal waiting to be reached. The gold and green are colours that are considered opulent and elegant and thus why they were chosen as the main brand colour for the business.

Client: Diamond Lifestyles
Date: 2015


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